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Provide students with information, advice, and mentoring related to their subject stream, college and career choices. Identify their aptitude, interests & personality traits and use this information to explore potential career path that match their aspirations.


There are range of career options available in today’s world. However, choosing the right one from innumerable career options is a challenging feat. Our vision is to lend a helping hand to such parents and students by offering apt mentorship through accurate career assessment.

Our vision is to:
✔️ Help individuals develop a career plan, manage career transitions and provide mentorship throughout their career journey.
✔️  Provide information on courses and universities required for different career paths.
✔️  Empower individuals to make informed decisions about their career development and help them navigate complex & ever-changing world of work.
✔️  Provide Career guidance to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their career development & help them navigate the complex & ever-changing world of work.
✔️  Self-assessment: We start by assessing your interests, values, skills, and strengths. We consider what you enjoy doing, what motivates you, and what you excel at.

Importance of career guidance for students

Here are some ways in which career guidance proves beneficial whether you are planning to study abroad or in India, irrespective of the courses you intend to pursue:
  • Helps in picking the right career: The main objective of counselling is to guide. Career counsellors are experts at assessing your interests, aptitude and your personality.
  • Boosts confidence and morale: Lack of knowledge and lack of direction lowers your confidence and may act as a roadblock to achieving your career goals.
  • Encourage students to learn a new skill: Career guidance offers unique insights that help you as an individual to grow professionally.
  • Navigating job markets: The counsellor assists students in their job search and guides them on how to crack an interview by sharing some resume writing, networking and interviewing tips.
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